The power of the lion, the flame of the sun.
We operate with integrity and transparency, fully committed to the needs of our shareholders, customers and employees.
We provide fully functional programs through our business-to-business and business-to-consumer proprietary technology platforms.

About us

Lions & Suns is one of the world’s leaders in providing IT, software, CRM solutions, consultancy, marketing and advertising services for any type of companies. Via our exceptional proprietary technology platforms, we can offer to clients all over the world services of high skilled professionals with the widest experience in their fields.

What makes us stand out is our client-centered philosophy. Always vigilant and with the heart of a lion, we set out, each day, to monitor and guard our clients’ interests, offering at the same time state-of-the-art technology and tailored solutions for each and every one of their needs.

If you are an existing client of Lions & Suns, you are well aware of the level of services you enjoy every single day. If you come to us for the very first time, feel free to browse our site and discover the endless list of possibilities that will make your company, product, or project rise beyond your wildest expectations.

Reach for the stars with the power of the lion and the flame of the sun!


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If you wish to work in a flexible, inspiring and relaxed environment where technology and innovation meet community spirit and challenging projects, Lions & Suns would love to hear from you!

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