At Lions & Suns, our consultancy services pass the most rigorous examinations with flying colors. Our consultancy services will support your company in creating and managing the right business tools and will transform the way your people work via leveraging of hardware equipment, cloud computing, best online marketing practices and more. Our core competences are the following:

Business expansion consultancy

Lions & Suns is providing management expertise and B2B customer support for the full spectrum of business expansion activities. Our professional staff includes experts on various countries and territories legislation, security, regulations, infrastructure and marketing and will provide optimal solutions for all your needs.

Hardware consultancy

Hardware consultancy is one of Lions & Suns’ strongest cards. By using our services, you enter a world of care where every need is understood, coupled with unmatched quality and unparalleled features.

Cloud consultancy

Lions and Suns can work closely with you to determine whether a cloud based IT strategy could (or should) be adopted for your organization. Our experts will channel their energy and expertise to help you acquire scalable, flexible and cost-effective cloud services. With the power of the lion, you will put your resources where you need them!

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