IT services

Lions & Suns covers a wide range of IT needs at every level of support. From proactive monitoring to tailored solutions, we provide everything your company, brand or network needs. With us, you can stay assured that your IT network is always healthy via customized and fully scalable services.

Consultation on hardware purchase

Hardware is often one of the hardest problems for any type of company, from a startup to a corporate giant. At Lions & Suns, our experts will guide you and your team on a step by step basis in order to purchase the most suitable equipment for your needs.

Hardware setup

Leave the hardware installation to us! We will ensure full communication capability, enhanced even beyond specifications, and we will successfully tackle any set of challenges, such as mobility of the hardware setup.

Software setup

We can accomplish your software setup at a fraction of a time usually needed, with full support and management.

CRM software

Lions & Suns can implement CRM software which tracks all important predefined metrics and optimizes your business processes. At the same time, our CRM solutions are customizable, locally operated and accessible online via VPN.

Call Centers

Handling the rush of consumer calls is easy with our state-of-the-art Call Center installation and maintenance.

Error correction

Nothing can escape the scrutiny of the lion! Error prone systems and bugs can become a thing of the past with Lions & Suns’ error correction services.

Third party integration

At Lions & Suns, we understand that proper integration with third parties is often times a make-or-break situation. We provide APIs and other integration mechanisms which guarantee synchronization of all tasks in a proper manner.

Automation of retail applications

Enhance the services you provide to your customers with Lions & Suns automation of retail applications. Move your company automatically to the next level.

Processing of electronic and media content

In an era where content is, indisputably, the King, Lions & Suns can offer you speedy, reliable and precise processing of all your electronic and media content.

Workplace automation software

We offer workplace automation software which eliminates manual and redundant tasks, thus helping your workforce focus on high-value activities.


All the necessary documentation your organization may need for technical or other purposes is carefully prepared by the specialists of Suns & Lions.

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